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If a visitor comes or is in Barcelona on April 23rd, He or she will have a big surprise.

The  day of Saint George, patron saint of Catalonia, is a very special festivity in Catalonia. Streets  and squares are adorned with culture and civicism like no other day and the main decoration are roses and books . Remember that Saint George is also the patron saint of lovers. In fact, that day is more celebrated than Valentine’s Day. Tradition suggests that couples exchange a present, a book for him and a rose for her. Since April 23rd it’s also a day dedicated to culture.
Catalonia celebrates the Catalan language, a Roman language with more than a thousand years of history. Catalan, as a matter of fact, was banned by Spanish authorities during long periods of history but in the past decades has undergone an unprecedented social growth. On Saint George visitors will find all over the street stalls offering books and roses bound by the national Catalan flag as well as lots of people looking for books and roses in the main streets of Barcelona. The main activities take place in the famous “Rambles”.
On Saint George it is also costumary to have open doors day at
the Generalitat Palace, a Medioeval building with some examples of Gothic and Renaissance styles.

Generalitat houses the Catalan Autonomous Government. Therefore, the
day of the Saint of Catalonia ( a working day although considered a festivity ) is a wonderful occasion to explore this palace located in Sant Jaume’s Square, in front of the City Hall in which it is held a big exhibition with all variety of roses.