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El despertar de la Casa Batlló – Audiovisual show

The Casa Batllo, Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece celebrates 10 years of cultural visits and wants to share with the entire city of Barcelona with an audiovisual show surprising and vibrant, that will reveal all the symbols and interpretations inspired by the great architect in the When creating exceptional facade.

Since the recent history of the Casa Batllo, many legends have been created around them, and very few people know that. We know that Gaudí made a nod to the legend of St. George, patron saint of Catalonia, crowned cranes, the appearance of the back of a dragon and the four-armed cross. Some have compared pictorially with the series of oil paintings by Claude Monet and others have linked elements of carnival: the crowning of the facade looks a harlequin hat, the colors seem brittle coating and confetti the rails shaped masks.
The city is known as the home of bones, skins house, the house or the house of yawns dragon.

The show celebrates the consolidation of audiovisual architectural heritage recovered and kept alive thanks to all the people who made these 10 years full of success.

When: From 20/10/2012 to 21/10/2012 at 21:30 h and 22:00 h

Barcelona & Apple Store Opening

Apple abre su tienda en Barcelona

La Marca Apple abre en breve una tienda en el Passeig de Gracia 1, junto a los emblematicos edificios diseñados por Gaudi y otros tantos arquitectos del Modernismo Catalan.  Con un mural inspirado en Gaudi, Apple convierte en modernista su manzana. por otro lado, hay un rumor que dia 24 de Julio la misma marca tiene planeado abrir en horario nocturno varias de sus tiendas tanto en los Estados Unidos como en el resto del mundo.