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Barcelona Black & White Photography

Get to know Barcelona in a different perspectiva, have a look at this blog:



Viaje Fotografico – FRANKFURT

Downtown Frankfurt – a one day trip by Terence Jones

Desde aqui os invito a conocer este blog que os presentará la ciudad de Frankfurt Main de una manera muy especial,  desde la perspectiva de un fotografo. Espero que os guste tanto como a mi. Saludos








Arte & Ciudad: Amsterdam como ejemplo para Barcelona


Arte & Ciudad, Amsterdam

As part of the Holland Festival is currently in the central hall of the Amsterdam Central Station the projection City of Abstracts by William Forsythe presented. As the description already suggests, in the beautiful designed program pocket, invites this video installation, this advanced laughing mirror, people to participate, to a spontaneous performance by the viewers. Very amusing, very poetic. On show until June 28, 2012. Daily from 10.30 – 16.00 h and 19.00 h – 24.00 h.

text and image roberto voorbij

A Wonderland:

The StyleSmith

I came across Kirsty Mitchell through Pinterest just after she had taken the online world by storm. I clicked on the link and was led to an article on Mail Online with a heading about cancer. No offence to Kirsty and her story (which you should definitely read in the article), but I was so taken with the amount of detail and artistry that went into each, totally UN-photoshopped, image that I really didn’t care about her reasoning behind doing them. Kirsty, in collaboration with make-up artist Elbie Van Eeden, took 3 years working after hours and weekends to create these elaborate costumes and headdresses by hand, and on a shoe-string budget nogal. I am just SO impressed with what they managed to achieve.

All images are taken from Kirsty’s website but also check out her diary for some behind the scene shots and then look here for her costumes.

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Gordon Matta-Clark in BARCELONA at MACBA


The thematic thread to the exhibition is provided by Office Baroque (1977), one of Matta Clark most important works, produced at the invitation of Florent Bex, director of the Internationaal Cultureel Centrum (ICC) in Antwerp. This building cut has been defined as the “most beautiful flight of light, air and time”. The title of this masterpiece not only alludes to Rubens (the intervention was carried out as part of commemorations for the 400th anniversary of the Flemish painter’s birth) but is also, implicitly, one of Matta-Clark’s jokes, as Office Baroque sounds like Office Broke, an allusion to the bankruptcy of capitalism. The show also includes 10 drawings from the series “Sky Hooks” (1974), produced by Matta-Clark shortly before his death and recently acquired by the MACBA Foundation.